Plastic Easels

Plastic Easels for Brochures and Flyers

Plastic easels are a versatile and sturdy brochure holder or flyer holder that usually gets overlooked as a display option.  We love our acrylic easels or many reasons but here are just a few.  First, plastic brochure easels are lightweight so they are easy to move around wherever you need them.  Second, acrylic easels are not as bulky as traditional brochure holders so they take up less of your counter space and allow the customer to focus on your printed material and not your dispaly.  Finally, our favorite reason for loving plastic easels - they are forgiving.  Your catalog is 8 3/4" wide because that size looked really cool at the printers but now you can't find a brochure holder to hold them... plastic easels are open on both sides so your material can overhang by as much or as little as you need. Consider literature easels instead of traditional brochure holders for your next literature display and we are confident you will enjoy this clean new look for your brochures.  


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